syllabus for end term

syllabus for end term

by Dr. Srabasti Chatterjee -
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Introduction to competency mapping- read from the article titled shra, first two chapters from spencer book and first two chapters from text book. 

Competency modelling Read from article and ppt provided. 

competency dictionary Read from article and ppt provided 

Behavioral event interview. Read from spencer and spencer book (chapter 11) Competency based applications: 

      1.Competency based- recruitment and selections,

     2.performance management,

     3. compensation, 

     4. training and development, management,

     6.HRIS. Assessment Centre. 

 All the chapters on Competency based applications are well written in "Competence at Work " Book(chapter 18-23) and also the same chapter from the text book .

 Assessment Centre- Read from your text book.