Winning in Olympics

Winning in Olympics

by Tapas Das -
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Olympics & India - How to win in the world stage?

Here are some thoughts;

Identify talent early and groom them. Do not spread your scarce resources thin. There are regions and people who are better suited for certain sports.

Eco system does matter a lot. Those who achieved success, did it in spite of the system and associations and their bosses. Build the right eco system. Build institutions which includes sports associations and let them be run by professionals with passion for development of sports.

Give top most priorities to world class training and coaching. Have more Gopichands as coaches. Build world class facilities.

Let corporates and industries pitch in to make sports as a part of their social commitment. Their participation is critical.

Let Indian Parents and public at large have a healthy and positive attitude towards sports. Indian public is indifferent to sports, except when it comes to either criticizing or celebrating sporting failure or achievements.

Winning in Olympics is all about 'excellence' What holds good for doing well in Olympics, hold good for any other field in life.