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How did Steve Jobs get the best out of himself?

How did Steve Jobs get the best out of himself?

by Tapas Das -
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How did Steve Jobs get the best out of himself? He knew what were his strengths. And he made full use of his strengths. Couple of examples. Imagination is what he was blessed with. Most of innovative products of Apple was result of his imagination. Another quality, people and critics credit him with is his persuasion skill. John Scully, who joined Apple from PepsiCo narrates how he was won over by Steve Jobs to join Apple because of former’s persuasive skill. In the course of his efforts to persuade Sculley to join Apple, Jobs told him,“Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life, or do you want to come with me and change the world?” Scully admits that this one statement by Jobs influenced him to join Steve Jobs. Jobs was a good learner and understood very early as what he needs to develop to build a great business around the products he innovated. He did not have formal education but made use of his real life experiences to develop his business acumen. Jobs admits himself that his gift as a communicator is result of his painstaking practices that he put in consciously to develop his communication skill. There are certain things about you, that may be your weak areas and you can not do much about them. One of the things, Jobs has been criticized for was his autocratic style and bad temper. He puts people off, including the top talent in Apple. Did Steve Jobs change any way? Not really. He learnt better ways to manage his weaknesses. For example, one of the things he looked at very carefully while hiring top talent was their temperament and ability to cope with his leadership style and bad temper. Steve Jobs made most of what he had. He made full use of his strengths. He developed what needed to be developed and what can be developed. He was not obsessed with his weaknesses and found ways to manage them. Above all, he was doing things he loved doing, in other words he was passionate about what he was doing.
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Re: How did Steve Jobs get the best out of himself?

by Harish Varma -

                    Article - very inspirational - MHV