Ravi Sashtri on why Kohli excel

Ravi Sashtri on why Kohli excel

by Tapas Das -
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Ravi Sashtri analyzes as why Virat Kohli excel and how he is different from others.

Ravi Sashtri has been closely observing Indian cricketers as a Commentator, Coach and Director of Team India.

Sashtri hasto say this about Kohli

"You have to see the amount of work Virat puts in before a match. He puts in as much effort when he is in top Form and scoring runs and as much when he is not doing well. It is about hard work and preparation.

He is psyched up when he is thrown a challenge. He thrives in challenges. He loves it. It is important how you feel when you and team is in a crisis. That is how he is mentally made up, apart from his self belief. He believes in himself, particularly when he is not doing well”.