Harvard Business Review Ascend for early career professionals

Harvard Business Review Ascend for early career professionals

by Dr. Indira Koneru -
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Need help getting that dream job, the next promotion, or simply realizing your full potential at work?HBR Ascend, new learning resource developed specifically for early career professionals in India, is LIVE NOW!

What is HBR Ascend?

It is a digital resource for early career professionals - individual contributors, first-time managers and students - to help you develop essential skills such as communicating effectively, managing self, managing people etc. Each skill includes thoughtfully curated articles, tools and videos that have been contextualized to the unique needs of Indian users. These skills are absolutely critical in today's collaborative work environment and can help you grow faster in your careers.

All our content is bite-sized and can be accessed using your mobile, tablet or desktop devices whenever you have a few minutes to spare. Just perfect for long commutes, quick prep before an important meeting, or short breaks at work.

So go ahead and sign up on HBR Ascend today and #UpYourGameAtWork.