Artificial intelligence for Everyone Booklet

Artificial intelligence for Everyone Booklet

by Dr. Indira Koneru -
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INDIAai launches AI for Everyone booklet. The booklet aims to inform and inspire the non-techies, especially children of all ages and adults. The booklet provides a basic introduction to AI that a person of any age and background can comprehend the basics. It's an initiative by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, National e-Governance Division, Digital India Programme, and NASSCOM.

Why "AI for Everyone"?

Artificial intelligence (AI) simulates human intelligence in machines programmed to think and act like humans. Therefore, the phrase can also refer to any device demonstrating human-like characteristics like learning and problem-solving.

We are approaching a critical point in human history as Artificial Intelligence technologies become increasingly advanced. It is evident that those that exploit these technologies, whether they are tiny businesses, major corporations, or even nation-states, will gain an advantage in the future decades, while others may perish.


Most people immediately think of robots when they hear the words artificial intelligence. Big-budget movies and literature have human-like computers wreaking devastation on the planet. Nothing, however, could be further from the truth. One method to overcome this problem is to provide a foundational understanding of these technologies and their current capabilities. Engineers aren't the only ones who can benefit from AI. "AI for Everyone" is an easy-to-understand guide on AI technologies. A comic narrative will help you understand the topics.

This booklet is to educate and inspire non-techies, particularly children and adults of all ages. We created this ebook as a basic introduction to AI with the help of AI experts. So, anyone of any age or background can understand the AI essentials. INDIAai stands for artificial intelligence. India's National AI Portal prepared this brochure with this goal in mind. 

Download the booklet here.